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The Flyfish Journal Covers Who'd-a-thunk that a small farm pond in the middle of Oklahoma would serve up my second cover shot? I sure didn't! Looking back at that spring day, I honestly almost didn't pull my underwater housing out - the water looked a bit dirty for me. Well, it turns out I was wrong and I made the right decision to shoot some underwater photos. "Dirty" was in fact stained as we sat less than a mile from the Red River. For those that don't know the area, the soil is umm - red! The water that I thought was dirty was simply just off color. After downloading the set of images I was pleasantly surprised. The combination of the bright sun overhead and the stained water worked magic in my favor. All of my UW images had incredible sun rays! Stick a fat bass tail in there and poof! An unexpected cover shot. This serves as a great lesson. Never underestimate the potential of any location - even if that location doesn't seem all that glamorous. The incredible difference between my only cover shots is funny to me - a giant trevally in the Seychelles for cover #1, and a bass tail in Oklahoma for cover #2. Couldn't be more opposite!


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