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Patagonia River Guides is one of those rare places where all the pieces for a all star operation come together... perfectly. Having visited many lodges over the years there are a few factors that come into play when deciding where a fishing operation ranks among others. Here's what I look at: [unordered_list style="arrow"]
  • Accommodations
  • Food
  • Guides
  • Fishing & Health of Fishery
[/unordered_list] PRG provides the most extensive fly fishing programs in Patagonia, with over 10 diverse lodging options, with the most productive water spreading across three main regions of Argentina: Rio Pico (South), Esquel, and San Martin de los Andes (North). They customize your trip to how YOU want it. There are endless options to make your stay in Argentina the perfect one.

"The PRG experience is a unique blend of inspiring waters, varied fishing, beautiful scenery, interesting culture, lasting friendships and unrivaled service, complemented by gourmet and regional cuisine, delicious wines and first-class accommodations," says owner and operator, Rance Rathie.

When it comes to PRG, they have maximized their fill in every category. The best part is, they continue to tackle the smallest details to make your stay that much better. What PRG prides themselves on though, is their staff of guides. There's a common saying in the world of fly fishing, "The quality of your guide can make, or break your trip". These guides have all grown up fishing their home waters. The difference is, they have been trained by two American guides. All the guides are professional in every way. They will "make" your trip. PRG Website: http://patagoniariverguides.com Booking Agent: http://travel.tailwatersflyfishing.com


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