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Gear | Aquatech Elite 5D3 Sport Housing Review

19.02.2015   Matt Jones   Gear, Reviews   3 Comments

IKELITE OUT, AQUATECH IN In 2011 I made a very wise decision in regards to equipment change. Introducing, Aquatech imaging solutions… I began the wonderful world of underwater photography in

Argentina | Patagonia River Guides

Patagonia River Guides is one of those rare places where all the pieces for a all star operation come together… perfectly. Having visited many lodges over the years there are

Behind the Image | Camping in Moab

It was just myself and a friend, Kevin Campagna – a local endurance cyclists that recently finished the Tour Divide. Among other things, Kevin and I share a core common

Challenges and Rewards of Photography | Fitz Roy

Photography, just like any other occupation, has it’s challenges. With these challenges, we accept them, push through them, learn from them, and ultimately (hopefully) are rewarded by them. Some challenges are large and some small, but it’s extremely important to observe that challenge and take it to the finish line, no matter how hard it is. It’s what molds us as a person and photographer.Last January I had the rare opportunity to travel across the country of Argentina, for an entire month. It

Bolivia | Tsimane Fly Fishing Lodge

This isn’t the first time I have written about Bolivia. I’m writing about it again because this place is that amazing to me. For now, take a look at a

Gear | Nemo Meta 2P Tent Review

If you are looking for an extremely light, packable and spacious tent…. look no more. The Nemo Meta 2P is where it’s at. This is a tent that uses adjustable trekking

Tsimane – Gold in the Rivers of Bolivia

To view this report in my Newsletter – Click Here Twenty six hours after lift off from Miami, 5 anglers and I sat aboard two Cessna as we cruised over the jungle

2nd Cover Shot on The Flyfish Journal

Who’d-a-thunk that a small farm pond in the middle of Oklahoma would serve up my second cover shot? I sure didn’t! Looking back at that spring day, I honestly almost

Flipside Sport AW Product Review

I recently made my 5th trip down to Baja (Sea of Cortez side) – my ultimate paradise for many reasons. Among many other activities & sports that folks indulge in,

Surface Film II – Prints for Sale

Last year I was fortunate enough to be included in great company. One of my images was selected to show in a brand new art show, called the Surface Film.