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Argentina | Patagonia River Guides

Patagonia River Guides is one of those rare places where all the pieces for a all star operation come together… perfectly. Having visited many lodges over the years there are

Challenges and Rewards of Photography | Fitz Roy

Photography, just like any other occupation, has it’s challenges. With these challenges, we accept them, push through them, learn from them, and ultimately (hopefully) are rewarded by them. Some challenges are large and some small, but it’s extremely important to observe that challenge and take it to the finish line, no matter how hard it is. It’s what molds us as a person and photographer.Last January I had the rare opportunity to travel across the country of Argentina, for an entire month. It

Bolivia | Tsimane Fly Fishing Lodge

This isn’t the first time I have written about Bolivia. I’m writing about it again because this place is that amazing to me. For now, take a look at a