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MJP Teams Up with YETI Coolers

Ever since YETI products hit the shelves at our shop, Tailwaters Fly Fishing, I’ve been a fanatic. The common phrase, “those damn coolers are way too expensive” quickly flipped to,

Lightroom Workflow: FTP Export Preset

You know how the saying goes, “Time is Money”. Whether it’s a freelance artist on the job or an attorney at work, time is one of our most valuable commodities.

Gear | Aquatech Elite 5D3 Sport Housing Review

19.02.2015   Matt Jones   Gear, Reviews   3 Comments

IKELITE OUT, AQUATECH IN In 2011 I made a very wise decision in regards to equipment change. Introducing, Aquatech imaging solutions… I began the wonderful world of underwater photography in

Behind the Image | Camping in Moab

It was just myself and a friend, Kevin Campagna – a local endurance cyclists that recently finished the Tour Divide. Among other things, Kevin and I share a core common

Gear | Nemo Meta 2P Tent Review

If you are looking for an extremely light, packable and spacious tent…. look no more. The Nemo Meta 2P is where it’s at. This is a tent that uses adjustable¬†trekking

Surface Film 3 – Denver, CO.

It’s that time of year again for the 3rd annual Surface Film. Here’s the scoop (courtesty of The Greenbacks facebook page)- “The Greenbacks of Trout Unlimited are excited to announce

Marketing: Moo Business Cards

Are you, or have you ever been disappointed with your business card decisions? Don’t worry, I have too! For any creative, whether photographer, graphic designer, sculptor or painter, a business

Howler Love

One of my clients, the Howler Brothers have been making use of a few images lately – both for print and the web. Check it out… If you haven’t heard

Gear Review: FStop Satori EXP

Here’s a pull from my latest newsletter: A great backpack is hard to come by when it comes to not only carrying camera gear, but being comfortable and multifunctional. I

2nd Cover Shot on The Flyfish Journal

Who’d-a-thunk that a small farm pond in the middle of Oklahoma would serve up my second cover shot? I sure didn’t! Looking back at that spring day, I honestly almost