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I recently made my 5th trip down to Baja (Sea of Cortez side) - my ultimate paradise for many reasons. Among many other activities & sports that folks indulge in, I always go down to chase roosterfish from the beach, and of course, shoot photography. When mixing photography and fishing from the beach, multiple problems arise. How the hell am I going to carry a rod, a camera, lenses, a housing and most of all, be completely mobile and comfortable at the same time? How am I going to keep up with a sprinting angler all while keeping my gear close by so I can get that awesome action shot? In the past I can't say I had a good answer for any of those questions - pain in the ass comes to mind. There are times when you must walk a mile from the ATV or truck in search of fish and if you don't have the right gear, keeping photography equipment with you at all times can be difficult. In comes the Lowepro Flipside Sport AW - my savior. Anticipating issues from past experiences, I knew that I HAD to find some kind of backpack that would allow me to carry my gear, was light and comfortable, and was easily accessible on the fly - literally. The nature of rooster-fishing from the beach almost always requires relocating, if not sprinting after fish. It's when I choose to shoot images of an angler instead of fish myself, is when this pack really shines. I can have all my gear with me and comfortably run up and down the beach - stop - flip the pack around - snap a few shots - flip it back and continue on my way. All of that within seconds. There is no unstrapping, pulling the pack off, digging for the camera or any of that non-sense. It is stupid proof. To be 100% candid, this pack couldn't be more perfect for this type of activity. It is now the permanent home for most of my gear when I travel. If you don't have one, get one! To summarize what I love about this bag... - lightweight - quick, easy access - with a caribiner, I can attach my UW housing and secure it with bungees that are on pack - tripod slot acts as great rod tube storage - no slipping and sliding - bladder slot for agua!! - plenty of room for gear, accessories, filters - quality construction - still works great for skinny guys like me What I was able to fit... - Canon 7D + battery grip w/ 24-70mm 2.8/L - 3 Singh Ray 4x6 filters - 2 Polarized filters - 10-22mm f3.5 - extra memory cards - Canon 430EX flash - lots o' water - Aquatech housing on outside secured by bungees and carabiner Here's a short video to give you a visual on how this bag makes a photographer's life better...

Lowepro Flipside Sport AW Series from Lowepro on Vimeo.


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