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Are you, or have you ever been disappointed with your business card decisions? Don't worry, I have too! For any creative, whether photographer, graphic designer, sculptor or painter, a business card means a lot when trying to make an impression. The card is essentially an extension of yourself and your work so it should look pretty darn cool, right? I've seen some really crazy business cards out there. When I say "crazy" I mean exceptionally creative. Only one problem, crazy is synonymous with expensive. Sure, there are always exceptions but for the majority, crazy = expensive. In comes Moo.com moo business card I can't recall exactly where I heard about Moo.com, a super friendly internet print house based out of Rhode Island, but I'm glad I did. Business card printing up to this point for me has been a complete dead end. I've always been on the hunt for a place that would allow me to showcase a variety of my work in short runs at an affordable price. Their easy to use website is also something to brag about. The custom process of building my cards was incredibly simple. They have done a great job to make sure that users have a seamless experience. Six words - Moo.com is where the magic happens. This past week, my first order arrived. Needless to say, I was stoked. I ordered a total of 200 business cards that showcased 10 different images of mine (short runs start at 50 for as little as $19.99). The first thing I noticed when holding my cards was not only the quality of printing but the weight of the paper. These aren't your typical flimsy cards. Moo.com uses 16pt stock, giving the card a wonderful thickness. People will love holding something with a little weight. This is only the beginning of my photography marketing package. More moo.com business cards and postcards are in the future. Go ahead and give them a shot. I promise you will be just as impressed as I am. Click here to get started. So, what are your thoughts? Did I make the right decision? Post a comment below... Would you like to receive my blog posts by email? Go on an fill out the form below. [subscribe2]


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