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Buffalo River – Day 1

Last nights wall of severe thunderstorms definitely screwed up my fly fishing plans – I had a backup however. With rain, comes waterfalls, and there were plenty to explore and

Photo Essay – East Texas Fishing

It was great to get out on the water this weekend. The weather was incredible and the bass spawn has officially kicked off. Saturday I visited some private water with

Rebellious Style of Product Photography?

As a fly shop employee and overall gear geek, I’m often rummaging through product catalogs. I really enjoy it as I’ve got a strong interest in product styling and photography.

Secret to Removing Dome Reflection

Have you ever sat down at your computer, biting your nails while your new photos are downloading — then find that those photos are complete crap? DELETE! This is something

Camera Dunk #3

Here is a starfish nestled into turtle grass on the pancake flats of Los Roques, Venezuela.

Surface Film – Great Showing

This past Thursday I flew out to Denver to check out the Greenback’s Surface Film. I had been invited to donate one of my photographs for the show as did

New Client: GoCharge

I’m excited to see the brand new website of goCharge – a company offering mobile device charging kiosks. It’s a really cool company. The reason I’m excited is because I

Recent Publication

I’m super excited to have one of my photos as a part of Patagonia’s marketing campaign this year.  The photo below was chosen for the Spring 2011 fly fishing poster

Camera Dunk #1

Once a week I will upload an underwater photo that will be open for discussion. If you have any questions or comments, please share! To kick it off, here is

The Greenbacks ‘Surface Film’

In February this photo will be featured in a month long photography exhibit called Surface Film put on by the Greenbacks, a newly formed group of Colorado Trout Unlimited members.