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Gear | Aquatech Elite 5D3 Sport Housing Review

19.02.2015   Matt Jones   Gear, Reviews   3 Comments

IKELITE OUT, AQUATECH IN In 2011 I made a very wise decision in regards to equipment change. Introducing, Aquatech imaging solutions… I began the wonderful world of underwater photography in

Gear Review: Canon 7D & Aquatech CO-7 Underwater Housing

A gear review published in my recent newsletter. If you havent checked it out yet, click here. When I found out that I’d be heading out to the Seychelles, I

New Sponsor: AquaTech

I’m super excited to announce my first sponsorship! I have partnered up with AquaTech, a company that specializes in camera housings, sport shields and other photography accessories. These guys build

Most Epic Week of Permit Fishing

I just returned from the Palometa Club in Punta Allen, Mexico on the northeastern end of Ascension Bay. Tailwaters Fly Fishing put together a group of 12 great guys for

Photo Essay – East Texas Fishing

It was great to get out on the water this weekend. The weather was incredible and the bass spawn has officially kicked off. Saturday I visited some private water with

Secret to Removing Dome Reflection

Have you ever sat down at your computer, biting your nails while your new photos are downloading — then find that those photos are complete crap? DELETE! This is something

Camera Dunk #3

Here is a starfish nestled into turtle grass on the pancake flats of Los Roques, Venezuela.

Recent Publication

I’m super excited to have one of my photos as a part of Patagonia’s marketing campaign this year.  The photo below was chosen for the Spring 2011 fly fishing poster

Camera Dunk #1

Once a week I will upload an underwater photo that will be open for discussion. If you have any questions or comments, please share! To kick it off, here is